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Restructuring a business entity in France

You have to restructure your French subsidiary company because it is no longer suitable or viable in the markets in which you operate. You want to sell your business activities in France in order to concentrate on your core business, change your business activities or get out of business.

You need an expert who can help you carry out these operations, taking the interests of all stakeholders, your objectives and French regulatory framework into consideration.

Our German Office can help you in the following situations:

“Our French subsidiary company has been facing serious financial difficulties and has consequently been recording losses for several years now. We are searching for a German-speaking tax consultant who can help with the different formalities relating to the restructuring of our subsidiary company.”

“Can you give us advice on the legal, accounting, tax and payroll formalities which have to be carried out? What do we have to do to account for the company’s current staff? Do we have any obligations regarding the redeployment of personnel within the group?”

“The director of our French subsidiary companies expressed his interest in purchasing one of our subsidiary companies. We were quite surprised, but due to a strategic reorientation of our group’s activities, we would like to discuss the matter and then respond to his offer. Could you assist our German group, as well as the interested director, with the divestment?”

Our German Office provides:

Thanks to its extensive experience, our German Office can give you advice on your business projects, work with you to develop viable solutions and help you attain your objectives in accordance with local regulations.

  • A single point of contact
  • Tailored solutions from the very start
  • Communication in German thanks to bilingual (French, German) and trilingual experts (French, German, English)
  • Solutions (sometimes collaborative) for SMEs, family-run companies, subsidiaries of large groups and individuals (real estate investments, donations …)
  • Commitment to facilitating and securing your operations and endeavors in France (administrative formalities, payroll and tax obligations…)
  • Cooperation with our colleagues from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • 40 years’ experience in the issues facing companies in the Franco-German economic area