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Personnel Administration in France

You already have employees in France or you are planning to recruit in France for a new project. You would like the support of a payroll, consulting and social audit expert, who is able to communicate in German.

Our German Office can help you in the following situations:

“Our Swiss company wants to employ a sales manager and we are interested in hiring a French applicant. They would work from their residence in France and would visit our customers and prospective clients worldwide. Could you help us draft their employment contract (in line with French and Swiss law), àand prepare their pay slips and social security filings? Do we risk being taxed for our work in France?”

« We are looking for a partner who can assist us with all matters concerning labor law: drafting employment contracts, organizing work hours, setting fixed and variable remuneration and delicate situations like potential disagreements with our employees on these subjects.”

“We are French architects, but we work in Switzerland. We have a major real estate project in the south of France. What costs can we expect when hiring our French staff? Should we use subcontracting?”

Our German Office provides:

The German Office team offers you German-speaking practitioners specialized in French labor law. Although you have a single contact, you can benefit from tailored advice as they take into account your company’s situation and your objectives in France.

  • A single point of contact
  • Practitioners experienced in training and French labor law
  • Communication in German thanks to bilingual (French, German) and trilingual experts (French, German, English)
  • Tailored solutions from the very start
  • Solutions (sometimes collaborative) for SMEs, family-run companies, subsidiaries of large groups and for individuals (real estate investments, donations …)
  • Commitment to facilitating and securing your operations and endeavors in France (administrative formalities, payroll and tax obligations…)
  • Cooperation with your advisor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland