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Managing operations in France

You already have a branch or offices in France and you would like to secure and simplify your business operations whilst respecting the French management and legal system, particularly with regard to corporate, tax and business law.

Our German Office can help you in the following situations:

“We are looking for a certified public accountant for our subsidiary in France. We would like to handle Accounts Receivable (recording and matching of client invoices and payments) and the recording of intragroup purchase invoices ourselves. We expect our CPA to record invoices pertaining to overheads and other banking transactions, and to prepare monthly reporting. Do you offer a collaborative IT solution that meets our requirements?”

“We need a French-speaking auditor to control and certify the accounts of our French subsidiary. We would like to establish efficient reporting with our parent company in Austria.”

Our German Office provides:

Our German Office provides support and advice to help you find the solution best suited to your current requirements. Our professionals are highly experienced in accounting, personnel administration and law depending on the needs of your business activities.

  • A single point of contact
  • Tailored solutions from the very start
  • Solutions (sometimes collaborative) for SMEs, family-run companies, subsidiaries of large groups and for individuals (real estate investments, donations …)
  • Commitment to implementing and securing your operations and endeavors in France (administrative formalities, payroll and tax obligations…)
  • 40 years’ experience in the issues facing companies in the Franco-German economic area
  • Communication in German thanks to bilingual (French, German) and trilingual professionals (French, German, English)
  • Collaboration with independent professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland