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Advisory services for non-residents

You own shares in a company or property in France and need to understand the related legal, accounting, tax and payroll requirements. You would like to be advised by an experienced German-speaking professional to help you make the right decisions on time.

Our German Office can help you in the following situations:

“I am a tax-paying German resident. Last year, my wife inherited several properties in France. The inheritance processing procedures are underway. Some of these properties generate income from tenants. At the moment, we have not received any of this income. It is directly deposited into a deceased account, which is managed by a notary. As tax residents in Germany, do we nonetheless have tax obligations in France? Should we declare income? As we do not speak French, could you contact the notary and the firm managing the property?”

“As a German tax consultant, I am contacting you with regard to a client who has signed several employment contracts with French institutions over the last few years. He has been duly remunerated under each contract. His employers deducted income tax at source. My client just received a letter from the French tax authorities accusing him of not having fulfilled his tax obligations in France and demanding considerable sums of money. Did the tax deducted by his employers at source not remove any other income tax obligations? How do you interpret the tax convention between France and Germany? Faced with this incomprehensible situation, we are looking for a French tax consultant who could accompany us during the various procedures with the French tax authorities.”

“I work in a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. I lived in Germany for several years and moved to France in April 2014. My employer informed me that I will probably have tax obligations in France. I am searching for a tax consultant in France who could inform me on my tax obligations. I would also like to get a mockup of the income tax to be paid in France. Will I have to pay tax for the year of my arrival in France? Do I have to pay property tax on properties or securities I own in Germany?”

Our German Office provides:

The bilingual and bicultural team of our German Office is at your service to inform and advise you with regard to your obligations in France as well as the regulatory measures which concern you. It is also there to help you take the right precautions to comply with French law and secure your assets.

  • A single point of contact
  • Tailored solutions from the very start
  • Communication in German thanks to bilingual (French, German) and trilingual experts (French, German, English)
  • Solutions (sometimes collaborative) for SMEs, family-run companies, subsidiaries of large groups and individuals (real estate investments, donations …)
  • Commitment to facilitating and securing your operations and endeavors in France (administrative formalities, payroll and tax obligations…)
  • Cooperation with independant experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • 40 years’ experience in the issues facing companies in the Franco-German economic area