Tax & Consult

Tax representatives for VAT in France (appointed by the company) is primarily responsible for fulfilling all their clients’ tax obligations and, if necessary, transferring outstanding VAT payments to the tax or customs authorities (circumstances addressed in Article 289A of the Code Général des Impôts (French Tax Code).

Our main tasks

  • VAT returns and recapitulative statements in France, responsibility for clients’ tax obligations, notably preparations of tax returns and fulfillment of payment obligations
  • VAT refund applications in France on behalf of companies established outside the EU, generating no taxable turnover in the process.

Further Tasks

  • Advisory services with regard to the flow of goods and billing, regular monitoring of all processes, assistance with securing VAT exemption, supervision of billing formalities, supervision of customs operations (import & export), etc.
  • Intrastat declarations
  • Other contribution and tax declarations

Our clients

  • They are industrial companies, subcontractors of industrial companies, online retailers, wholesalers, suppliers of construction services etc.
  • They operate in various countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Lichtenstein, USA, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc.
  • They are small and medium-sized companies as well as subsidiary companies of international groups

Tax & Consult was created in 1993, the year the European Union was established. Its scope of activity was subsequently extended to include authorized tax representation for companies paying VAT in France and operating within the EU.

Throughout its development, the company focused increasingly on the internationalization of the exchange of goods and services. From the outset, it benefited from a favorable location in a dynamic geographical area oriented towards international trade – the Région des Trois Frontières, on the border between Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau and Mulhouse. In particular, this fostered the creation of a German-speaking team.

We have several partnerships, with KPMG as well as logistics companies and international firms of tax lawyers and tax consultants. Thanks to them, we can offer our clients a comprehensive business approach, tried-and-tested business practices and solid experience in setting up international logistics frameworks, including aspects relating to customs law.

The value of partnerships between accountancy firms and tax representatives lies in the fact that their business areas complement each other. Consequently, they can either offer clients selective consulting services or provide support during their clients’ long-term development (hiring employees in France, setting up a liaison office, branch or subsidiary).

We would be happy to offer you an initial oral, non-binding opinion.