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Collaborative Solution

For more effective cooperation between your company, your employees and the German Office, we propose the Arpège Web Suite©. Its accounting, financial and benchmarking services are accessible from an entirely secured private cloud which allows you to coordinate your company’s performance in real-time.

A collaborative accounting tool :

We offer you accounting software which allows real collaborative work with your tax consultant. He takes complete care of your accounting needs and you can communicate together via the cloud: invoices, pay slips, notes, Office documents, general meetings, restated certificates of incorporation, tax returns, financial statements, shareholder documents, benchmarking documents …

You can check accounting ledgers, third-party account balances, bank statements, capital assets and much more in real time.


Your cloud service is accessible from any portable device 24/7: from your home, another workstation, a tablet, a smartphone…

Your accounting data, dashboards and statements are accessible at any time in a unique space which is hosted in a private cloud.


Maximum protection is provided by:

  • data replication on several websites
  • regular data integrity checks
  • anti-intrusion tests

The servers hosting your data are located in France. French legislation is strictly applied and full data privacy guaranteed.

Simplicity and Performance:

The Arpège Web Suite software is user-friendly.

Accountants contributed to its design with one crucial aspect in mind: simplicity.

You can configure your cloud solution in close cooperation with your tax consultant, who is your single point of contact. Updates are therefore simplified: you do not have to worry about a thing!