About the German Services Group


As a branch of KPMG, we provide audit, tax and advisory services. We are known for:

Passerelle Strasbourg vers France

Our professionals’ availability

Consultancy services adapted to different types of companies: small and medium-sized (SMEs), family-run and subsidiaries.

The international office culture of our bilingual (French, German) and trilingual (French, German, English) teams.

Our teams’ bicultural awareness allow them to apply German and international practices in business as well as accounting standards.

International expertise

Our teams have valuable cross-border experience : for 30 years we have advised German-speaking companies operating in France. We work with independent tax, accounting and law specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Close contact with local entrepreneurs means that our professionals are always responsive.(German Office scope)

Our clients can directly contact and work with the professional in charge of their case.

A single point of contact and high-quality service

A multidisciplinary team convenes to develop tailored solutions to optimize our clients’ business strategy in France.

To simplify and facilitate commercial ventures in the French market, the German Office provides clients with a direct point of contact and access to all our practices and locations.